I’m writing my own Novel…

I have been posting book recommendations for you guys so far  but I havn’t mentioned that I’m writing my very own story!!!

It’s fantasy genre and it’s  pretty much has to do with -?-?- (you have to find out!), so take a look at the synopsis below:


Vanessa lives in a small town with her mother and her little sister. She has everything she needs in her life: two amazing friends who love her and help her in every difficult situation and a gorgeous boyfriend that chooses her instead of the most popular girl in her school. 
One day, after an argument with her boyfriend Ryan, Vanessa starts thinking that things are not so easy as they seem. Then, a car crash will change her life forever and love will be given a second chance as Vanessa meets a person that she knew but never had the opportunity to understand in real. 
Who is that mysterious guy??

The cover is not finished yet, maybe still in the sratch but I’m really working on it…  😉

Umm…so if you wanna know more about it plzz let me know in the comments!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m writing my own Novel…

  1. I do think your story sounds like it has potential. If you don’t mind, I would like to make a small recommendation: Tighten up & proofread your synopsis. There are a few typos in the paragraph as it stands, and to really make it pop, try to say the same things with fewer words.

    Are you self-publishing? Let me know if you need a proofreader/reader!

    • Thank you so much for the advice!
      To tell you the truth, I would really need someone to read my book and correct the mistakes, as long as I don’t think that I can understand what’s wrong when I’m writing.
      It’s my first novel so I don’t have much experience.
      About the synopsis, it’s something quick and of course, I will make changes, but I would really appreaciate the help of someone who knows the thing.
      If you want to help plz let me know!

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