Colours in Blackness – A new Life


A New Life, Book One in a series of five. Laura is a normal 18 year old girl who’s life is flipped upside down after she sees a vision of a tragedy unfold. Later that day the vision plays out exactly as she had seen it. If she were told what was to come, she would never believe it.

To help her learn how to control her newly discovered ability she moves into a school/hospital where she befriends other kids who have also developed strange and unusual abilities, some of which can kill. Laura learns how to become a part of the visions. She realizes that she may be able to alter the outcome but learns there are consequences to those actions. Will she make the right choices?

I’ve read it only in two days!It’s so amazing and so different from all the other fantasy books that I’ve already read. The story is new, fresh and the whole world that the author creates,  makes you to want more and you just can’t stop reading! I definately recommend it!!

The good thing is that you have the opportunity to free download the first book!! Just click here! You can choose whichever kind of e-reader you want.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below with your opinion!

The official site_:


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